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Simtac 360 degree LED Indicator for All Motorcycles

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Simtac 360 degree LED Indicator for All Motorcycles

Rs. 788.00
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Rs. 788.00
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  • SKU: SB-003/1
  • Brand: Sans Classics
  • Type: LED Lights
  • Availability: In Stock

Stunning illumination:
Simtac LED indicator bulbs is the smart lightning solution with
360 degree reflection. In short, bright & white sparks for a
bright vision.

Energy efficient:
This LED bulb saves battery 10 times more as compared to
halogen bulbs. Thus, an efficient & eco-friendly solution.

Eco & wallet friendly lightning:
Illuminate your world with economical and environment
friendly product for brighter future. It brings new perspective
to light. So Go Green & smart to make right choice.

Plug N play installation:
As its name suggests, this product is easy to install & execute.
Simply install & enjoy your ride more safely.

Durable & long lasting:
This LED bulb comes out with the latest technology & wider
lifespan. It will never deceive you in the long run.

Light Your way:
Simtac provides you a product which lightens up your way in a very smart manner. With its bright lightening effect, it navigates the rider at your back, in which direction he wants to move.

Focal point considers a retrofit lamp to be a lamp that can be
installed into an existing luminaire and performs effectively
without any changes to the existing electrical components.

Package contents:
LED Indicator Bulbs – 4nos.

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